Health Coaching

Our doctors are passionate about partnering with you to illuminate an integrative health plan that will lead you to optimal health. We are grateful to be on this journey with you, and our entire team is motivated to help educate and ensure that our plans are effective. As you begin to improve, we encourage you to listen to your own body and trust what you are feeling. In other words, you will begin to empower yourself to become your own guide.

In addition to Dr. Rob and our two Naturopathic Doctors, a health coach can facilitate this journey and transition. While positive health changes are exhilarating, they can be new and challenging, so our health coaching services can help to make sure you have the support and resources to achieve great outcomes. We are fortunate to have two health coaches. Both of them, Sheikh and Dove, align with our doctors to help answer questions about how to implement and integrate all of the new information and possibilities you will be learning about in your visits. While health coaches are not nutritionists, they do use their knowledge about nutrition and health to help you put into action the lifestyle, nutrition, and supplement recommendations you receive from the doctors.

Their guidance will help you feel connected and supported, and to make your transition into your newly vitalized, energetic, metabolically balanced body even more meaningful and enjoyable. Sheikh and Dove are wonderful at answering questions, helping you understand new concepts, and helping you stay positive and motivated. A few sessions can be a highly cost-effective way to quickly achieve lasting change.

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