Advancements in genetic testing over the last decade been astonishing and have opened up new opportunities for personalized healthcare. This progress has also created a dizzying array of choices, with many companies offering up promises to tell you exactly what supplements to take or foods to eat, based on your genetic makeup. While these tools- just like any lab result- can provide valuable information and insights, it is essential to understand that genes alone are not a an answer, but rather a piece of the puzzle that, when combined with the clinical picture, allows for a comprehensive approach to individualized care.

Genetic testing can shed light on wide ranging aspects of your health and who you are. This can range from something as simple as knowing how well you metabolize caffeine, to overall nutrient metabolism, detoxification capacity, and drug responses, to the even more complex, as we begin to understand how many different kinds of genes work together along with environment to influence disease susceptibility and longevity. Your genes are not your destiny. But knowing something about them can help empower you to influence your ultimate health outcomes.

If you have never done any genetic testing before, we can help you navigate the landscape of possibilities, and facilitate the most cost-effective testing. For those of you who have already done some testing, we can help you interpret the information you have received and dive deeper when needed. We take pride in helping you make sense of results and put them into the proper context. As with anything, it is also about priorities and determining which data might be the most critical and actionable, and which may not be. We look forward to helping empower you to have the confidence that the lifestyle, supplement, and other treatment plans we create together will help you feel your best and optimize your long term health.

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