Comprehensive Consultations

In-depth consultations are typically the best way to address overall health needs holistically and methodically. Fatigue, hormone balance, digestive concerns, and many other issues are often related and can be simplified by understanding how they are connected to each other. If you do not feel your best but have been unable to find answers, scheduling a comprehensive consultation can be the most cost-effective way to arrive at solutions that make a difference as quickly as possible.

Prior to your first comprehensive appointment, Dr. Rob or Dr. Fareen will review the symptoms and concerns you have initially communicated to the office, as well as any previous relevant labwork you might provide. In this way, we can be more prepared for your visit and also provide you the feedback and reassurance that your condition is something we have experience with and are therefore confident we can provide useful guidance for.

We typically recommend a 45 minute visit for the first visit, in order to have time to go over concerns thoroughly, review any labs you may have provided, order new tests if needed, discuss nutrition and supplementation, and to integrate all of the information into a holistic plan that treats root causes and leaves space for questions. Depending on your needs and concerns, we do offer a 75 min initial consultation in order to have more time. Follow up appointments are either 25 minutes or 45 minutes depending on how you are doing and what we will be going over. Our goal is to work together to establish an effective plan where you begin to see results as quickly as possible, so that as few visits as possible are needed in order to resolve your concerns.

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