“Within one day of seeing you, I have been enjoying full nights of sleep for the first time in years…thank you thank you thank you…”
– Jen

“I am actually amazed at how much better I feel since I started the bioidentical hormones along with the other suggestions you made to assist me… I am starting to feel that inner energy returning….not talking about the mythical fountain of youth, but the spark and the energy flow feeling like a river instead of a rust laden leaky faucet.
In a few short weeks, I literally sat down and published a lovely 120 page photography book called “The Enchanted Garden”, was interviewed for work I do in connection with environmental matters, and manifested a new camera that I felt I needed for such a long time- I share these things with you because for me, they are indicators of a major shift that has occurred within. Many thanks again for being such a great Doctor- you listen, you are sensitive, you care- I must have done something right to have found you!”

– Caroline

“First of all, THANK YOU! Since my appointment, and beginning the prescription plan you detailed for me the next day, I have seen a transformation – my attitude, energy, outlook has improved 1000%!! Thank you for providing a dose of hope.”
– Gina

“You are truly making use of your medical degree; your holistic inclinations; your willingness to pay attention in the moment and adjust to the person, the circumstances, the whole… a great doctor participates in the matrix of what is constantly unfolding- one size doesn’t fit all, but a unique attitude can. You have that. You are a great new model for the ‘healing collaboration’ between people.”
– Julius

“I was experiencing fatigue on a daily basis to the point where it was affecting my quality of life. I had consulted my internist several times but since lab tests did not indicate a thyroid or anemia problem, he had no answer. When I met with Dr. Krochmal, his balanced approach of holistic and traditional treatment had a remarkable effect within a very short period of time. It is so comforting to find a doctor who takes a comprehensive approach to resolving a medical issue by holistically supporting the body’s natural desire to heal itself and using prescription intervention only when necessary (and for as short a time as possible), rather than by simply writing a prescription to treat the symptoms. I am very grateful.”
– Karen
Age 49