Meet The Team

Robert Krochmal, M.D. (“Dr. Rob”)

Dr. Rob Krochmal has been practicing medicine for close to 20 years, and maintains three Board Certifications- in Family Medicine, Nutrition, and in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He draws his inspiration from the healing power of nature, and is passionate about the link between individual health and the health of our environment. He is particularly passionate about finding root causes and helping patients understand their bodies in order to empower themselves to heal.

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Fareen Koorjee, ND (“Dr. Fareen)

Dr. Fareen Koorjee graduated with honours from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition. She went on to complete her medical degree at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and her residency in Family Medicine at Pasadena Natural Family Health. Her passion is Women’s Health, with a focus on Gastrointestinal Health, Endocrine/Hormone Balancing and Immune Regulation of Acute Illness as well as Autoimmune Conditions.

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Aurelia Kodimer, RN

Aurelia Kodimer has a broad range of expertise in integrative nursing, including administration of IV nutrients, healthy weight loss programs, nutrition education, and other services. Her attentiveness and care makes it possible to deliver protocols that are individualized in order to maximize effective outcomes.

Sheikh Jain, Certified Health Coach
Wellness Director

Sheikh Jain is passionate about service and patient care, and his positive spirit and enthusiasm are contagious. As Wellness Director, Sheikh manages and cultivates the Center’s services in cutting edge Integrative Medicine. As a Certified Health Coach he also provides sessions to ensure maximal support of our patients’ commitments to optimal health plans.

Sally Formosa, Patient Care Specialist

Sally Formosa, Patient Care Specialist

Sally Formosa has been with M.D. Integrative Wellness since 2011, and is a true example of providing the highest quality service to our patients. She is an experienced practitioner and teacher in the areas of yoga, relaxation techniques, and wellness, and is deeply passionate about the peace and wellbeing of everyone. Having developed and overseen many of our office practices, she is a great resource and patient advocate.