Tina Caliendo

Tina is deeply passionate about holistic nutrition and is committed to assisting you in seamlessly integrating Dr. Rob’s and our nurse practitioner Rachael’s health plans and adopting new lifestyle practices. She understands that each person’s path to wellness is unique and stands alongside them, offering attentive listening, expert guidance, and unwavering support at every step.

With certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and The Health Science Academy, Tina’s expertise is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of holistic health practices. Her philosophy revolves around the idea that true wellness encompasses the whole body—mind, body, and spirit.

Tina resonates strongly with MD Integrative’s approach, which emphasizes treating the whole person, identifying underlying causes, and facilitating healing through nutrition, supplements, and other integrative methods.

Recognizing that change can sometimes feel overwhelming, Tina expresses immense gratitude for the opportunity to guide and support you on your path toward optimal health and wellness. With a blend of compassion and knowledge, Tina inspires and empowers you to embrace your journey to vibrant health and live your best life.