Rachael Wojcik, Family Nurse Practitioner

Rachael Wojcik, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C)
Hormone Health, Functional Medicine, Regenerative Aesthetics

As a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), Rachael is experienced with a broad spectrum of health and wellness, including Women’s Health, Hormone Balance, Thyroid, Weight and Metabolism, Gut Health, Personalized Genetics, and more. 

In addition, Rachael brings an expertise in Regenerative Aesthetics and has curated the most natural, cutting edge procedures available to share with us here. These include Microneedling to restore youthful radiant skin, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) which uses your own body’s natural healing factors to rejuvenate natural collagen matrix and bring back an innate fullness to the skin, PDO Threads, a nonsurgical alternative for naturally tightening the skin, and Xeomin, the most pure form of Botox which softens specific facial muscles, smooths fine lines, and diminishes wrinkles without compromising your unique features.

Rachael has brought a spirited energy to our practice and inspired us to take our learning to a new level. With the superabundance of information out there that can be confusing and contradictory, our office continues to strive to be an oasis of trust in the personalized care that is best for you.

As with Functional and Integrative Medicine in general, we pride ourselves in offering Regenerative Aesthetics that work the best, are the most natural, and are the best value. We are committed to providing you with honest, straightforward, and personalized assessments. This leads to the most natural and cost-effective treatments that optimize your health and help you age gracefully and naturally.

Rachael has a passion for creating health and beauty from the inside and out and she truly cares about her patients. It is rare to find a practitioner with her intellect and talent, who is also so kindhearted and caring. At MD Integrative, that is our most important goal. We are so excited to have found someone who believes in healing with the same enthusiasm as the rest of us here.

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