Dove Rose

Dove opened her boutique studio, Dove’s Bodies, now a Los Angeles institution, more than 35 years ago. With a background combining decades’ worth of studies in fitness, dance, pilates, martial arts, primal movement, yoga, pranayama, energy healing, intuitive clearing, mindful living, organic eating and meditation, Dove is sought out for her unique, intuitive, somatic approach to fitness, health, wellness and conscious living. Whether working in a group or one-on-one setting, Dove personally guides her clients on their own unique path to wellness, wholeness, and the full integration of mind, body and spirit.

Dove is a continual student of life and is constantly joining other like minded practitioners to carry her studies further.  She has apprenticed with energy healers, somatic healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, integrative medicine doctors, as well as endocrinologists, general practitioners, and shamans. Her most recent training has been to dive into the cold with Wim Hof and get back to her roots on the earth with primal movement therapy.

Dove’s passion for living an organic lifestyle pours over into every aspect of her life; how she shops, cooks, eats, gardens, moves and plays. Everything Dove does is authentic to who she is.  Get to know her and see how a connection with Dove in your life can strengthen you health, bring you more joy, connection with life and deepen your relationship with your true self.

Dove has been on her own path of Self-care since before she can even remember.   As a child her mother would encourage her to look within and find the lesson when life ‘happened’ around her; and to her.  Her passion for sharing her tools and helping others runs deep; it’s in her DNA.  Not only were the seeds planted quite early on in her childhood but she also grew up in the presence of her mother’s work as a healer, a body worker, organic nutritionist, and a constant student of life’s teachings.

Dove stepped into the world of health and wellness, via the fitness lane, back in 1985. She has since expanded way beyond the role of fitness and nutritional expert, teacher and trainer.  Although she has a deep connection to that aspect of her work and will always continue to offer her signature classes and private training sessions, she has found it necessary to provide this other layer of Self-care that goes beyond the flesh.  She is now called upon for her work as a life and health coach to cut through the negative patterning, old habits, addictions, fears, and stagnant energy.  Because of her wide net of expertise she is able to help her clients quickly clear the static, move through obstacles, and create new neural pathways, rituals based in self-care, and experience freedom from past traumas and suffering.

With the loss of her mother to suicide back in 2011, Dove chose to cope with her grief and trauma by strengthening her connection to her path of Self-study, Self-care and deep healing.  She also experienced early onset menopause at the age of 41 due to the trauma of this great loss.  The physiological and emotional shift that she went through brought many new challenges, deep lessons and wisdom.  It provided, yet again, a beautiful opportunity to learn by true personal experience.  In that learning came a deep and pure connection to understanding other’s suffering and empowering her to be of service in new ways.  Most recently, with her husband’s first colonoscopy showing cancer cells in a polyp, she dove into the deep end once again.  This time into the world of vegan nutrition, cancer prevention, care and deepening her wisdom of this physical journey we are on; and why we are here in the first place.

Dove is always connected to her studies; in dharma, psychology, yoga, energy clearing, Voice Dialogue, anatomy, the nervous system, hormone balancing, the brain, as well as her own intimate introspection of the meaning of life and what her true purpose is.  By surrounding herself with many mindful practitioners along the way, she has found herself now in a place of understanding and a deep resonance with the wisdom and knowingness to help others.  Her abilities and confidence comes from a place of personal experience, embodying these life issues herself, compassion and over three and a half decades of working intimately with thousands of clients.

In coping with her own grief and the trauma that she endured with the loss of her mother, she has blossomed into a true healer and guide for her client’s to receive so much empowerment from as they walk upon their path of Self-care.  Her sessions allow her clients to cultivate deep understanding, awareness, radical honesty and acceptance as they learn the tools that are necessary to truly be at peace; and to be peace.  She is honored to work with client’s on such an intimate level and is grateful for the opportunity to share her wisdom, assistance and support.

‘I love what I do. I am blessed to do what I do everyday. I am grateful for every opportunity to support my clients on their journey of wellness and self-care. I wish you well and may you flourish in good health, movement and stillness; mindfully.’ ~Dove