Aurelia Kodimer, RN

With decades of experience in integrative nursing, Aurelia brings many skills to our Center along with a tireless and positive energy. Aurelia has always believed in the power of nutrition to heal the body, and has prepared and delivered thousands of combinations of IV Nutrients for patients with a wide range of conditions. This experience, along with an authentic and caring manner with her patients, makes her unique and one of a kind in the nursing field.

Aurelia has an intuitive sense of patient needs and works seamlessly with Dr. Rob and our nurse practitioner Rachael in order to be able to adjust IV nutrient combinations to optimal levels for each individual. This allows for a dynamic experience and continual attention to detail. Along with the rest of the team, Aurelia is personally committed to an optimal nutrition and lifestyle and is a great advocate and inspiration for patients making changes and improving their health. Her knowledge and support is a great bonus.

Other areas of expertise include PRP, Ozone, Microneedling, and Regenerative Cell Medicine.