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Intravenous Infusions – Why, When, How

by Dr. Rob

I am a big believer in the power of food as medicine. It is the beginning, middle, and end to any healing plan I promote. Why then intravenous nutrients? We all need a boost sometimes, and a nutrient infusion provides an elegant modern twist to the ancient truth of the power of nutrition. When cellular, mitochondrial, and overall energy systems are rundown, nothing compares to the right IV formula to provide a quick but authentic recharge. Allowing nutrients to flow directly into the bloodstream allows them to reach the cellular machinery that need them the most, and in sufficient quantities to make a significant impact.

Especially when our body’s demand for nutrients is high, oral absorption through the digestive system can be slow and tedious. In the case of certain vitamins and minerals, such as B12 (methylcobalamin) and Magnesium, this is just simply because the nature of these molecules themselves makes them hard to absorb. Look at, for example, the structure of B12:

Although this molecule is exceedingly safe- in fact no tolerable upper intake level has been established for it due to its low toxicity and water solubility- it is also exceedingly difficult to absorb in any significant quantity. This is due to the complex steps needed to absorb it, along with the fact that it is a giant molecule.

Before we go further, let’s ask the question of why vitamins are so effective and powerful is the first place. What is a vitamin and what does it do? It is important to understand this. Most if not all vitamins are involved in energy and metabolism. This means they are the foundation of what makes us alive in the first place. It is also important to know that they work by helping our cells to run better and more smoothly. As a general rule, they don’t directly give you energy, but allow your body to produce it naturally. In other words, vitamins are like oil in our engine- they lubricate our metabolic gears. They are helpers that allow the flow of life to keep moving.

It is possible to have a functional nutrient deficiency for many different reasons. Unfortunately in fact, contrary to conventional medical wisdom, most of us do! This can be related either to not getting enough, or to using up more than you take in. This latter reason is particularly true with the strains that the modern world place on us, including busier lives, exposure to toxicity in the form of chemicals and pollution, and a more depleted food system.

Furthermore, these demands can be external (work or other stress) or internal (underlying medical conditions). Either way they can result in depletions which cause your metabolic gears to function poorly, leading to inflammation, weight gain, fatigue, depression, and other problems. For these reasons, many people have functionally depressed levels of B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants. In turn, this can lead to low glutathione levels and other critical nutrients that help our mitochondria (internal powerhouses of our cells) run smoothly. Particularly in cases where our metabolic gears have ground to a halt despite all your best efforts to feel healthier, lose weight, and reduce inflammation- vitamin infusions can make the difference.

At our Center, we believe it is not just the nutrients, but the environment and care you receive during your treatment as well. While you are relaxing, know that your are receiving the highest quality nutrients available through an infusion like this. We do these infusions on ourselves too and only want the best! Remember that the nutrients are being infused directly into the bloodstream, so during your IV visualize them reaching into the deepest layers and infusing you with healing.

Dr. Rob (myself) and Dr. Fareen will help you design a formula and plan to help you function better, feel more positive mentally and physically, recover more quickly from stress and workouts, and improve general well-being. Often a higher frequency of infusions is valuable when you are starting out. This allows us to adjust certain nutrients as your body begins to wake up and recharge. Then, once you are feeling better, we will have designed the perfect custom formula for you, so that when you do come back as needed for future boosts, we know what works best for you.

We look forward to your visit as we discover together the power of this simple and elegant healing modality.

Posted by Dr. Rob

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