Wellness and Prevention

Western Medicine has been able to achieve some great successes but Wellness and Prevention doesn’t count among them, especially when you look at the increasing numbers of chronic diseases today. Certainly, when it comes to Emergency Medicine and Surgery, examples of the wonders of Western Medicine can be nothing short of miraculous. There are even many pharmaceutical therapies that are incredibly effective. The problem is when these limited successes are extrapolated to mean that the answer to every problem is a pharmaceutical or reductionist intervention.

This has led not only to the overuse of antibiotics, antidepressants, and other medicines, but has blinded the health care system to exploring the root causes of illness. With a functional, integrative approach to health, we can look at lifestyle, genetics, test results, and other factors in order to create the most natural and effective wellness plans tailored on an individual basis. In addition, we can cut through the myths created by the pharmaceutical and food industries and begin to talk about what the body really needs in order to have the best chance to thrive and live a long, healthy life.

At MD Integrative, we take great joy in partnering with our patients to help clear up the information confusion and contradictions that are so prevalent today. We back this up with science and experience, but most importantly invite you to begin to trust your own path and be your own guide. We are here to provide you support, education, and expertise as a bridge to a more authentic approach to your health.

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