One of the most common problems we encounter in our Center is thyroid problems. Fortunately it is one of the easiest problems to address once it is identified. Unfortunately however, it is one of the most difficult to get acknowledged by the Western medical system. Many of our clients have had to go through years of suspecting a thyroid problem but getting ignored by their doctor before they finally find us.

In medical school, we are not able to pass the course on thyroid unless we are able to name the many potential symptoms of low thyroid- fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, cold body temperature, depression, thinning hair, dry skin, constipation, etc. But as practicing MDs, we are trained just to look at a patients labs. And only one lab at that! That one is TSH- thyroid stimulating hormone, which is not even one of the actual thyroid hormones!

At MD Integrative, we believe that numbers can be a guide, but that clinical symptoms are most important. This is why Dr. Rob believes that we might have done a better job of diagnosing thyroid problems in his grandfather’s time as a doctor, before we had invented lab tests to oversimplify and cloud our judgement.

Luckily, as in Dr. Fareen’s case, in naturopathic school, not only are symptoms thought to be important but naturopathic doctors are taught right from the start about the many natural ways to support thyroid hormone function, from avoidance of food allergies, to detoxing, to the many herbs, vitamins, and minerals important in thyroid function, to natural thyroid hormone replacement when needed.

While low thyroid is the most common thyroid problem, we are also experts in hyperthyroid conditions as well, including Graves Disease, which is a form of autoimmune disease. Hashimoto’s is an even more common autoimmune disease of the thyroid, which brings us back to the low side of the spectrum again. This problem has become somewhat of an epidemic, in our opinion correlating with the rise in chemicals and toxins in our environment, not the least of which is glyphosate in GMO foods.

Rest assured we will take you seriously when you think you may have a thyroid problem. And even if you don’t, we’ll find it if you do. Since it is the master metabolic hormone, many ailments including PMS, early menopause, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, and more, may have their root cause in the thyroid. It is a hormone to be taken good care of.

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