Supportive Cancer Therapies

We take pride in our dedication to helping our patients understand difficult situations and to become empowered about the ways they can still stay healthy and strong during hard times. Our commitment to supporting clients with cancer exemplifies our balanced approach.

Before, during, and after chemotherapy for example, there are many straightforward plans that can be initiated which can help you feel better, reduce side effects, and create the best outcomes possible. Our belief is that it starts with understanding your diagnosis and developing a plan for lifestyle change that will make the most difference. As is often the case with many other disorders as well, this typically starts with nutritional approaches. But it also includes being on the right supplements that are able to enhance your body’s ability to keep healthy cells thriving while allowing unhealthy cancer cells to undergo apoptosis (programmed cell death). This can include both oral supplementation, as well as intravenous nutrients, such as IV Vitamin C. Depending on individual circumstances, we can discuss other treatments as well, which can complement conventional Western therapies.

In addition, we also focus on evaluating your levels of inflammation, your body’s ability to detoxify, exposure to chemicals and toxins, immune system function, and other factors which can make a difference for how your body responds to cancer and becomes healthier overall. As always, we do believe the body has an extraordinary ability to heal when given the chance. Of course, this also involve mind as well as body. A positive spirit and spiritual perspective in general is always a key to potentiate healing. In working together with us, we hope that you at least feel you are in good hands during challenging times, and inspired to witness your strength and healing capacity.

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