Natural Weight Loss

Weight loss does not have to be a mystery. When the underlying reasons for weight gain are addressed, the body can drop pounds quickly. In addition, your body will burn fat, not muscle, so that when you do achieve your goal, the difficult belly fat will actually be gone, not just pounds on the scale.

If you have tried eating less and exercising more and still failed to lose weight, you are not alone. That advice is hollow and does not get to the true root causes of weight gain, including metabolic and hormone imbalances, problems with food allergies, lack of sleep, stress and other factors.

When these factors are addressed and you begin to infuse your body with healthy nutrients, you can not only achieve your weight loss goals but actually enjoy the journey. You will be able to eat delicious healthy foods that fill your body and spirit, and you will re-discover your youthful energy in the process. In that way, the weight loss will also be finally sustainable- because a healthy and enjoyable life is sustainable. And by getting to know better how your body works, you will also become more empowered to make the choices that allow you to continue to look good and feel great.

As with anything in Integrative Medicine, there is no one size fits all approach to Weight Loss. For more information about weight loss and ways to trigger metabolism, check out:

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