Mood / Anxiety / Depression

Perhaps more than any other issues that we see at our Center, problems such as anxiety and depression exemplify why it is so important to follow a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. While we are not against conventional treatments to these problems and even sometimes initiate such treatments ourselves, our first goal is to listen and perform a thorough evaluation of all the factors that may be contributing to and causing your symptoms. More often than not, there are nutritional, lifestyle, hormonal, and other factors that are the true root cause of the symptoms and lead to more natural, successful, and healthier treatment plans with much better long term outcomes.

Anxiety and depression are often thought of as problems of the mind and brain, which is of course true, but it is often physiological issues that trigger the end state symptoms. For example, by definition depression is a form of fatigue, and since the brain requires the most energy of any organ in the body, if there are nutritional deficiencies, sources of inflammation, and other bodily burdens that need to be addressed, often the brain is the first to experience symptoms. Likewise with anxiety. Rather than originating per se in a disorder of thinking, anxiety is often a vague but appropriate response to the body knowing something is off.

In such cases, instead of deadening the signals with a medicine, acknowledging what is out of balance and correcting that solves both problems at once. This is why, for example, just a starting simply with a B12 injection, or nutrient infusion, along with a no-nonsense nutrition plan, can be a first step. While overt nutritional deficiencies are extremely uncommon, functional deficiencies are unfortunately common. And since many nutrients are like the oil in the engine of our cellular machinery, it can be surprising how much of a difference they can make.

We have also found that food allergies, hormone imbalances (especially thyroid but including menopause for women and low testosterone for men), underlying inflammation, digestive problems (gut-brain connection), and other issues to be at the root cause of mood disorders. We hope you will reach out to us if you feel you need a change in perspective.

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