Metabolic Disorders

Many patients come to our Center knowing that something about their metabolism is not working. Our goal is to help you find out what that is, and to help correct it. In this way, when you make the right efforts and lifestyle changes, you will actually see results rather than being stuck.

Metabolic Disorders can most obviously manifest in weight gain, but of course include changes in lab values such as blood sugar, triglycerides, and insulin, as well as other symptoms and signs, such as fatigue, sleep difficulties, decreased ability to exercise and work out, or changes in blood pressure readings.

The root causes of these problems are often different for different individuals. We believe you when you let us know that you are trying to do the right things with exercise and diet but that nothing is improving! Our thorough evaluations look at markers for inflammation, thyroid health, hormone health for men and women, nutrient deficiencies, sleep quality, stress levels, gut health, and more.

In recent years, amazing studies have shown us that even the makeup of our gut microbiome (the ecosystem of microorganisms in our gut) can control and determine factors regarding our weight and appetite. Previous paradigms which have told us to simply exercise more or eat less, or take a certain drug, are less and less relevant. By staying on top of the most cutting edge information and, most importantly, listening to your concerns, we are confident that we can help you. We hope you will trust in us to partner with you to unlock and optimize your metabolism.

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