As with all treatments, longevity approaches must be tailored to each individual. Differences in genetics, lifestyle, stress, and other circumstances create different strengths and weakness that can either protect against or promote aging. New advances- like stem cells- can provide transformative new treatment options that revitalize the body. Yet preventive medicine – i.e. listening to Grandmaʼs Wisdom-is always the first step- eating a healthy diet, responding optimally to stress, connecting with others, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, avoiding toxins.

When the root causes of illness are identified and approached with holistic, functional medicine, the bodyʼs ability to heal itself is activated, slowing down the deterioration that leads to aging. In order to find root causes, we place a high priority on listening and in supporting our patients to understand and be in charge of their healing process. We want to help you achieve the lengthy, prosperous, fulfilling, and inspired life you dream of. Join us in becoming part of the new wave of healthy people empowered to take charge of your own path to healing and wellness. In the process, we can also harbor the strength and leadership it will take to steward the health of our planet and that of future generations. This, ultimately, is the true meaning of longevity- being conscious stewards and models in ensuring the well-being of our children and grandchildren.

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