Liver / Detoxification

More than ever before in our history, the detoxification pathways in our bodies are faced with challenging burdens. These pathways evolved over hundreds of millions of years in order to deal with the natural (though still poisonous) molecules life is inevitably exposed to. This includes both external exposure (what we encounter outside of our bodies) and internal exposure (waste and other molecules produced inside our bodies that need to be broken down and eliminated).

Over the last couple of centuries, but accelerating exponentially very recently, these systems are now exposed to molecules never before seen in hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary history. Fortunately, miraculously even, they are designed so well that they still find a way to break down the many thousands of new chemicals we are being exposed to. On the website,, a “nonprofit” run by the American Chemistry Council, which is a trade and lobbying association for the chemical industry, they proudly claim that there are only 8707 chemicals used in commerce today! Now that’s a relief!

So, while our detoxification systems, and their flagship organ- the liver- still find a way to manage, we are most definitely challenged. Our bodies do not function well when toxic burden builds. We feel tired, fatigued, and foggy. Metabolic gears shut down and we gain weight. We lose our shine. We are unable to repair and regenerate and thus aging accelerates. Our immune systems are less able to be vigilant against pathogens and cancer cells. Inflammation increases and so does the risk of diseases of inflammation such as heart disease and Alzheimers.

Here at MD Integrative, we are passionate to help you find a personalized plan for optimal detoxification. Through laboratory and genetic tests, evaluation of lifestyle, and careful listening and attention to your symptoms, we can help you discover a simple nutrition and supplement plan to keep you running clean and efficient. We look forward to helping you not only best avoid the burdens, but strengthen your ability to withstand them. We know you will come away feeling empowered with knowledge, but even more importantly feeling so much better physically and mentally.

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