Immune Function

One of the things I have learned from being a gardener and working with plants is that they are the most healthy when they are given the proper foundation. Organic, fertile soil, abundant hydration, and of course sunshine lead to happy plants that are free from disease. In the same way, our own immune systems function best when we provide our bodies with the best support. Just like strong plants resist infirmity and reduce the need for pesticides, so too healthy bodies and immune systems. Who wouldnʼt rather have their own immune system take care of problems, rather than having to bring antibiotics or other medicines into the battle? Once again, certainly Western Medicines have a role, and I am grateful all the time to have those tools at my disposal. However, whether facing illness or shoring up prevention, we will spend much less time fighting when our immune systems are strong.

In addition to the usual basics of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, there are a variety of approaches to boost immune system function, depending on the individual and specific ailments. As always, balance is the key. The immune system may need supplements which add muscle to its forces and pack a punch. Or- perhaps nutrients that improve its ability to see clearly and distinguish friend (self) from foe (i.e. germs)- just like a pair of glasses can clear up vision. For any number of reasons, the immune system can begin to attack oneʼs own body (auto-immunity) and causes illnesses such as Hashimotoʼs, Lupus, Crohnʼs Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis. The goal in improving immune function is to determine root causes and develop a plan to reverse them.

Whether it is something as everyday (although potentially debilitating) as allergies, or more serious like auto-immune disease, chronic infection, or cancer, there are supportive therapies that can make big differences.

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