Brain / Neuroprotection

As we learn more and more about this perhaps deepest of all mysteries, the human brain, one inspiring finding is that it is much more amenable to anti-aging, preservation, neuroplasticity, and healing than we once thought. With the right integrative and holistic approaches, for example, even the most genetically susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease can know that they should not have to face that inevitability. A pioneer in this field, Dr. Dale Bredesen, has even documented the reversal of early stage Alzheimer’s in a significant number of patients, with dietary changes, vitamin therapy, bioidentical hormones, and a number of other therapies targeted and based on individual factors.

If this is true- and it is- imagine what we can do if we start early in nurturing brain health. Our brain uses more energy than any other organ in our body. As such, it is more susceptible to oxidative damage and the buildup of metabolic waste, all factors in the aging process. By optimizing mitochondrial function and other metabolic machinery, we can not only grease the wheels and help think more clearly, but reduce wear and tear at the same time.

Certain supplements for brain health, as always rooted in individual differences and needs, are fabulous for neuroprotection (reducing the strain that can lead to cell death, particularly among susceptible neurons in the brain). Others are great for memory, concentration, focus, studying, or sleep. Depending on where you are lacking, or what kind of brain you have, or what root factors may be causing your issue (for example gut microbiome issues in the gut-brain connection), we can help you find the simplest and most effective approach to brain health.

Besides the usual tools in any integrative approach to healing, such as nutrition, supplements, hormone balancing, and toxin avoidance, the brain is particularly happy when life is aligned spiritually and emotionally. Meditation to the brain can be just as important as exercise to the body. We tend to get caught in our thoughts and intellect but need to find time to tap into the depths and appreciate that our definition of self can be greatly expanded. Ironically, letting go of our egos and expanding our awareness can be a critical tool in protecting us from cognitive decline.

At MD Integrative we are fascinated and passionate about understanding the human mind and in helping you make the most out of yours! We would be honored if you brought yours in for a tuneup. Even more so if you entrusted us with concerning symptoms. We will take good care of you and help you find answers.

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