Bioidentical Hormones

Hormones are the bodyʼs messenger system- traveling near and far to maintain communications among the trillions of cells each of us calls “me”. When hormones are balanced, harmony and health prevails, but imbalances can cause depression, fatigue, cravings for sugar, weight gain, and increased risk for illness, to name a few. As such, hormones are precious commodities, not only for their importance but also because they are usually complex molecules, and cost the body considerable energy to produce. For this reason, some of the bodyʼs 50 or so major hormones have entire glands dedicated to making them- ovaries, thyroid, adrenals, etc. Because they are energy intensive, both menʼs and womenʼs hormone levels peak in the early 20ʼs. Afterwords, levels of different hormones begin to fall at different rates.

Hormone Decline 

As with everything in the body, this process of hormone decline and its impact on health is different for each individual, and thus it is important to take an individualized approach. For many people, paying extra attention to sleep, nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors can take care of most imbalances. Others will add in some herbal support as they kick off their entry into the years of wisdom. And whether menopause for women or andropause for men, we are fortunate to have entered into a time when the value of bioidentical hormones has begun to be recognized. These hormones have made it possible to have powerful options available that are still natural and holistic.

The definition of bioidentical hormones is that they are identical, on a molecular level, with endogenous hormones in the body. In other words, the are the same molecules the body makes naturally. The combination of advancing technology to make replacing these hormones more effective, along with a recognition that natural approaches to balance produce the best results, has made it possible to achieve the graceful transitions in life that we all deserve and dream of.

Individualized Approach

Our goal is to take your individual symptoms into consideration and recommend a holistic and gentle approach to balancing your hormones. Because their are many myths and misconceptions about bioidentical hormones, we strive to answer questions and clearly explain the most natural options in order for you to make informed decisions and begin to feel better as quickly as possible.

Again, every individual also has different needs, so we encourage you to be a part of the discovery of which hormones your body may need the most. For women, this may mean different combinations of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. For men, low testosterone approaches can take many forms, from natural ways to boost levels, to direct or indirect replacement. For all persons, paying attention to how adrenal fatigue or thyroid hormone imbalances interact with other hormone systems is extremely important. Therefore, one size fits all treatments that donʼt take an integrative approach into account may not yield the best results. We look forward to being your partner in making this important choice in how to best balance your hormones!

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