Athletic Performance

Optimizing athletic fitness and performance is really just another way of optimizing overall wellness. Our approach to restoring athletic ability is natural because we believe that using any unnatural substances is not the healthiest for the body and would ultimately backfire anyway. Besides, there are plenty of natural ways to improve your workouts.

For example, both men and women’s hormone levels decline with aging. When these levels are significantly low, the body can feel fatigued and exhausted, lose it’s ability to burn fat efficiently and turn that fat into the energy needed to put on muscle, become depressed and unmotivated, develop metabolic problems, grow increasingly inflamed with aches and pains, be more prone to injury, and other problems. Restoring physiological levels of hormones can not only reverse all of these symptoms, but can significantly reduce the risk of many long term illnesses.

Nutrition and supplementation of course also play a huge role in optimizing energy systems for athletic function. Nutrients to preserve mitochondria and help them function more efficiently in producing ATP (the body’s units of energy) are crucial for that extra edge as well as in overall aging processes. With nutrition and diet, it is important to personalize what is right for you. Conventional wisdom and typical pre and post workout advice is often wrong and counterproductive.

Intravenous nutrient therapy can also make a difference. This can be particularly helpful either leading up to major workouts, or as a recovery post work out. Read more about IV Nutrients for Endurance.

Many other factors are important to consider. Optimal sleep, hydration, elimination of toxins, avoidance of foods which might be causing sensitivities or allergies, optimizing digestive function, and boosting anti-oxidants, among others. Essentially- not leaving any stones unturned and focusing on optimal overall wellness.

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