Allergies / Inflammation

As with practically every other disease diagnosed by doctors today, allergies began skyrocketing starting sometime around the early 1990s. These include environmental allergies as well as food allergies. In terms of food allergies, not only does it include the immediate anaphylactic type, like peanut allergies, which were rare only a generation before, but also delayed type food sensitivities which can also be quite severe but are often insidious, like gluten allergy and its more serious counterpart, celiac disease.

In the early 1990s, wheat farmers began using glyphosate (the now infamous chemical more commonly known as Roundup) to spray wholesale on wheat fields in order to “dessicate” (dry out) the wheat prior to harvesting. Since glyphosate kills all plants (and bacteria and microorganisms to boot) in its path, the wheat immediately died and farmers could homogenize their fields and make them immediately ready for harvest. The problem was that since then, the human body has associated wheat, or gluten, with a toxic chemical that was killing off our gut microbiome, an ecosystem already ailing from decades of overuse of antibiotics. While our taste buds might not have been immediately able to tell the difference, our bodies and our immune systems weren’t liking it.

On top of that, since before then and up until the present, the EPA has allowed roughly 2000 new chemicals to be introduced into the market every year, most of which go untested. This is one of many reasons why allergies and inflammation are on the rise.

The good news is that mother nature, and the human body, are very forgiving. At MD Integrative, we strive to help you find the root cause of your allergies and help to reverse it. While there are some allergies that are simply innate or that cannot be changed, you do have influence over others. Often, we find food allergy testing to be extremely useful. In our experience, we have tested over 15 different labs and send you to the one or two labs that most truly reflect your allergy status.

In addition, getting on the right nutrients that reduce inflammation, such as Annatto Tocotrienols, Nettles, Quercetin, Turmeric, Fish Oil, and especially Vitamin D, can be game changers. With our personalized approach, we can help you find the most cost effective approach, so that you are only taking what you need, but getting the results that are worthwhile.

We are not against allergists, allergy shots, or medicines but know from experience that finding root causes and approaching inflammation and allergies naturally makes a difference. In addition to the above strategies, supporting your adrenals (the glands that help you respond to stress and reduce inflammation) not only makes a difference with allergies, but helps you lead a more energetic and balanced life overall. As with anything, using an overall holistic approach helps to unify the body and make connections. This allows a resolution to the problem at hand, but usually also results in other serendipitous benefits as well.

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