Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine

At M.D. Integrative Wellness, we specialize in treating conditions that require the extra attention and expertise necessary to find solutions that make a difference. We spend the extra time because we recognize individual differences, and know that treatment recommendations must take those differences into consideration. Our goal is to listen to your symptoms and concerns in order to understand your health history, discover root causes, and create a holistic plan that is easy to follow. In this way, we can work together as partners in achieving better health. When we do this, we can improve outcomes across a broad spectrum of concerns, such as:

Gut Health

Natural Weight Loss

Bioidentical Hormones

Wellness & Prevention

Low Energy

Autoimmune Disease


Sleep Restoration


Immune Function

Athletic Performance

Brain / Neuroprotection

Cholesterol / Lipid Balance

Allergies and Inflammation

Supportive Cancer Therapies

Mood / Anxiety / Depression


Blood Pressure

Metabolic Disorders

Liver / Detoxification

Medical Mysteries