Vitamin Infusions

If you take even a quick look on Web MD about the functions of vitamins, you will quickly find that most if not all vitamins are involved in energy metabolism. Generally, they are a critical components of enzyme systems that either make stuff (proteins, DNA, red blood cells, neurotransmitters) or that break stuff down (turning your food into energy in the form of ATP, or eliminating toxins). In other words, vitamins are oil in our engine- they lubricate our metabolic gears.

Your body may have a deficiency in any number of these vitamins for various reasons. Although organic, biodynamic farms are striving to produce higher quality food rich with nutrients, even eating a balanced modern diet can sometimes not be enough for optimal nutrient status. In addition, being under stress can run your metabolic gears down and deplete nutrients. Whether the stress is external (work, situational and other factors) or internal (underlying medical conditions), this places increased demands on your body, running down your engines and causing inflammation and weight gain.

For these reasons, many people have functionally depressed levels of B vitamins, magnesium, and antioxidants. In turn, this can lead to low glutathione levels and other critical nutrients that help our mitochondria (internal powerhouses of our cells) run smoothly. Particularly in cases where our metabolic gears have ground to a halt despite other measures to lose weight and be healthier- vitamin infusions can make the difference.

Sometimes, we need to jump start our fat burning machinery in order to get it up to speed and running on its own. In certain cases, simple B12 injections may provide that catalyst. In other cases, targeted nutrients that allow our cells to burn fat more efficiently can be provided either by injection or IV (intravenously). This can be done in the office, in a relaxed, comfortable setting, with formulas created by the doctor and personalized to get your systems functioning optimally.