Paleo Solutions

Included in the obstacles to weight loss (and recovery from many modern illnesses in general) are without a doubt refined sugars and processed grains. However, contrary to commonly accepted wisdom, consuming healthy and even “saturated” fats may be beneficial, and actually critical to weight loss success and optimal health. The term “Paleo” Diet may yield many different suggestions on an internet search, but essentially means being conscious of the types of foods early humans used to eat before the advent of agriculture, or perhaps more importantly- before the mass scale refining and processing of sugars and grains.

Sugar cravings are not just an “addiction”, nor something to just be overcome mentally. You can fundamentally change the communication between your appetite centers and your mind by restoring balance to the body. Burning fat is not just about withholding calories- it is about stoking the bodyʼs metabolic fire with nutrients that restart its gears.

And maintaining weight loss is not simply about continuing to be vigilant about calories, but being vigilant about continuing to give your body the healthy nutrients it needs to function as an efficient, productive, calorie-burning machine.