Individualized Evaluation & Treatment

While there is literally no “one size fits all” approach to weight management, there are certain principles that hold true. These include removing any obstacles that prevent weight loss, and replacing deficiencies with nutrient rich, organic foods as much as possible, or with supplements as needed.

Some of the hormones we test for include thyroid, leptin, sex hormones, stress hormones, insulin, and others. More and more is becoming known about what leads to weight gain and what options exist to reverse it. However, we also recognize that lab testing is just a guide and also that we need to be cautious about a reductionist approach- remembering that the body functions harmoniously when everything is in balance together.

Following a holistic and functional approach, where listening to symptoms and identifying root causes is the priority, we can then design the simplest and most effective individual plan for weight loss. This may include a guided nutrition plan such as in the 10 Day Detox , Vitamin Infusions, or a more Comprehensive Plan that addresses underlying medical issues. In all cases, attention will be paid to individual needs.