10 Day Detox

In just 10 days, our guided cleanse can help you lose weight and begin to feel better surprisingly quickly. In many ways, it is the most simple and holistic method to begin to address not just weight, but many other issues. You may notice that you are no longer tired, that your skin looks better and joints feel better, that your bloating went away, or that your blood sugar has balanced and you don’t have food cravings anymore.

What is a “Detox”?

A Detox can purify the body by minimizing foods causing the greatest burden on our system, and maximizing nutrients that activate the bodyʼs natural ability to cleanse itself. By doing this, it is possible to begin to feel much better and to achieve an initial jump start in weight loss, especially when other attempts have failed. We recommend beginning with a gentle approach which begins to release the weight that has been stuck. Once you’ve done that, you could also choose a more advanced path that can result in up to 1-2 pounds per day of weight loss in some cases.

How Does it Work?

We have carefully selected medical foods that are the most healthy, effective, and enjoyable. The mainstay of the program is the preparation of these meal replacement shakes that cleanse your liver and digestive system and activate your mitochondria (energy producing furnaces that burn fat). These are supplemented by guided, easy to prepare meals, juices, or snacks, based on a suggested food list personalized for each individual.  Additional nutrient supplements are recommended based on each individualʼs detox and weight loss needs.

Additional Support

Other services that may enhance your experience and facilitate a smoother, more rapid transition include B12 injections, fat burning injections, or even fat burning IVs. In addition, stress reduction through our Rejuvenation classes, group support, and nutrition counseling will help you continue to lose weight and feel great.