My Philosophy

My goal is to provide the highest quality of care and service to my patients. As Family Physician Diplomate, my expertise spans from children to adults and the elderly, and looks at health and illness from a broad perspective. As a Nutritionist and Integrative Practitioner, we will look for answers to health issues that can be complex and frustrating, and which require an approach that unites Western Medicine with other healing modalities.

With this in mind, my first intention is to listen and to acknowledge what my patients are feeling and experiencing. This is the first step toward understanding what is happening and in finding the root cause of illness. For this reason, I reserve a longer amount of time for appointments than most physicians, because I believe in the importance of using clinical judgment and experience, not just determining treatment based on surface findings and laboratory results alone.

I also place the highest value on forthrightness and in empowering my patients to understand their journey toward healing and wellness. In this respect, I do not simply prescribe a list of supplements or medications to take, but arrive at a treatment plan in partnership with my patients. I enjoy answering questions and explaining what I believe is happening in a manner that is easy to understand and relate to. I am honest about what I believe to be the best course of action while taking into consideration my patientsʼ values and experience. I am a true believer that I can learn as much from my clients as they can learn from me.

There is always a way to find a path to feel better- yet illness can be one of the greatest challenges we face and health the greatest blessing. My specialty is in combining the power of Western Medicine with the power of nutrition, herbal medicine, and quality supplements in order to empower the bodyʼs own healing process. While being realistic about what to expect from treatment plans, I pledge to work to the best of my abilities to create a sense of what is possible, and to enlighten a path toward healing and wellness.

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