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My passion is in harnessing the healing power of nature and discovering how to nurture our environment so that healthy ecosystems will continue to thrive for future generations. I love working with my patients to help activate the body’s natural ability to heal, and seeing dramatic improvements in health as a result. Outside the clinic, I am in my bliss in nature, on yearly camping trips exploring new rivers and paradises, gardening at home getting my hands dirty, composting and creating rich new soil for the plants to grow in, helping my daughter reach the fruits highest in the tree, tasting the cultivated and wild herbs that grow, and visiting farmer’s markets and the farms and farmers who are changing the way we grow food.

During my residency training program in East Los Angeles, at the turn of the century, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to become the founder of a hospital-based community garden near the heart of downtown LA. White Memorial Medical Center (WMMC), owner of a vacant lot nestled between the hospital, a local neighborhood, and an elementary school, had the generosity and foresight to offer this space as a demonstration of the healing power of gardens. Today, in partnership with the local community, WMMC, Family Care Specialists, and other local community organizations, this healing oasis continues to grow and thrive.

Please visit the following links for further information on this Project as well as other organizations I support that are working to create a healthier future.

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