For you, Dr. Chocolate

This entry, my first since 2013, is in honor of another doctor- my uncle, Dr. Paul Krochmal, who just passed unexpectedly last week. The only other doctor in my family, my grandfather Dr. Henry Krochmal, passed when I was just beginning medical school. Paul talked a lot about him, particularly what a good, kind, and […]

September 1, 2015 READ MORE

Hydrate your way to health

A recent bike ride in the Santa Monica mountains inspires me to kick off these early blog pages with some very basic, but critical, advice. Am I talking about exercise? Well, I would never give up my rides, but Iʼm talking about something different- water. As I pedaled through the parking lot and under the […]

November 15, 2013 READ MORE

Hello world!

I am grateful to have the privilege to be able to practice integrative medicine during this time of great discovery and expansion in access to information. This will enable a new model of healthcare that is holistic, focused on finding the root cause of illness, and empowers individuals to discover their own path to optimal […]

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